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Equality Cincinnati wants to hear from YOU! In order to break down community divisions and increase the impact of our mission--folks need to know who we are and what we believe in.

This is YOUR opportunity to stand up and be counted. As a LGBTQ individual or as an ally--tell us what matters to you in the fight for inclusion, fairness, and equality. Tell us YOUR story.

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Healthy Relationships

This initiative has a three prong focus:

  1. Educating the LGBTI community,
  2. Educating Service Providers (i.e. Victim Service Providers) to LGBTI Community,
  3. General LGBTI Community Public Awareness Campaign. 

This comprehensive approach is necessary because 1 in 3 LGBTI adult individuals and up to 49% LGBTI youth experiencing intimate partner/teen dating violence.  A comprehensive approach is all the more important because Equality Cincinnati is trying publicly address an issue cloaked in silence.  It is especially closeted in our LGBTI community-either due to myths and misconceptions of the issue or due to fear that homophobic and heterosexist individuals and service providers may use knowledge of intimate partner violence in the LGBTI community as ammunition for discrimination against LGBTI relationships.