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Equality Cincinnati wants to hear from YOU! In order to break down community divisions and increase the impact of our mission--folks need to know who we are and what we believe in.

This is YOUR opportunity to stand up and be counted. As a LGBTQ individual or as an ally--tell us what matters to you in the fight for inclusion, fairness, and equality. Tell us YOUR story.

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Public Policy Work

Reducing Hate Crimes - Equality Cincinnati tracks anti-gay crimes and ensures that laws that include sexual orientation and gender identity are enforced.  Equality Cincinnati refers callers with legal questions to attorneys or agencies who can address legal issues. Through collaboration with attorneys, Equality Cincinnati is developing a pamphlet on legal rights/police actions/harassment

Combating Discrimination at Work - Equality Cincinnati builds connections and collaboration with business sector to mobilize work with business leaders and companies so that policies are enacted in their workplace that prohibit discrimination against anyone based on sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.

Domestic Partner Benefits - Equality Cincinnati builds connections with employees and employee groups that seek to gain domestic partner benefits for same-sex couples.  Equality Cincinnati also   laid the groundwork for domestic partner benefits/retirement plan equity for unmarried couples through forums questioning of City Council candidates.