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Equality Cincinnati wants to hear from YOU! In order to break down community divisions and increase the impact of our mission--folks need to know who we are and what we believe in.

This is YOUR opportunity to stand up and be counted. As a LGBTQ individual or as an ally--tell us what matters to you in the fight for inclusion, fairness, and equality. Tell us YOUR story.

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Faith Community Outreach

The Building Bridges with the Faith Community Initiative is focused on a very powerful and strong divide that exists in Cincinnati between conservative religious leaders and the LGBTI community.  The goal of the Initiative is to begin work with friends within the religious community to facilitate dialogue with those within the religious community that are not currently friendly toward the LGBTI community.  This means religious organizations that are simply conservative though not actively hostile towards the LGBTI community as well as opening dialogue with more hostile religious communities.  Equality Cincinnati is striving for the conservative religious communities, at a minimum, to understand the distinction between religious dogma and secular civil rights.